Part two – The morning after the night before

After the adrenaline wore off I woke up in a lot of discomfort. Other than scratches to my ankle and bruises on my knee I had a sharp pain in my ribs from where the car made contact.

Having not gone to hospital after the incident (I didn’t really want to spend hours hanging around) I visited the local walk in centre at opening time.

Amazingly, I was the only patient there and was called through before I was even able to take a seat (I had paid for three hours parking and ended using about 15 minutes). The nurse checked me over and provisionally diagnosed bruised ribs and offered to prescribe painkillers. At the time and because I try and avoid strong medication if possible, I opted to stick to Ibuprofen.

A few days after the incident, the police forensic team came to take paint swabs from my front fork to see if they could match this to the alleged vehicle. Unfortunately, they were not able to get a match. However, the police seemed confident that the case could proceed.

After about a week, I was getting more discomfort from my ribs and arranged a doctor’s appointment. He diagnosed a fracture to one of my ribs and prescribed me cocodamol, although I could still feel the fractured bones, this did the job in getting rid of the constant pain I was in. However, getting up and lifting children was still painful.

As a paid up British Cycling member, I decided to contact them regarding the incident. From my understanding, when there is an incident of this nature, British Cycling simply refer you to their preferred legal partner, in this case Leigh Day. British Cycling are at pains to confirm that they do not receive any financial benefit for this, although Leigh Day do sponsor the annual awards ceremony.

After completing a basic form, Leigh Day got in touch and there was quite a bit of back and forth providing the necessary information. Two weeks after the incident, Leigh Day were able to submit an initial claim to the insurer, although at this point I did not have the drivers name, as the police were still completing their investigation with the first formal contact from the road justice department being about six weeks after the incident.

Three months after the incident, the police finally confirmed that they would be charging the driver for careless driving and failure to stop. However, they also advised me that they have six months from the date of the offence to bring charges and presumably due to the number of cases/resources available, it was likely that the official summons would not be issued until close to the six months deadline.

Around the same time, I was required to attend an appointment with a Doctor to review my ribs and obtain an independent assessment of my injuries. At the time of the appointment, everything seemed to have healed and he was able to confirm this, with a diagnosis of tissue damage on my ribs and an indication that this would have fully healed within a year with no adverse long term issues. In other words, I was a lucky boy.

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