Hit and Run

Back in January 2017 I was knocked off my bike whilst riding home from work.

I have decided to document my experience, from being hit, to the police investigation, a trip to the magistrates court and the laborious process of a civil claim.

By sharing this, I am hoping to give you an insight into my experience. Although, I also hope that in the hopefully unlikely event that this happens to you that you have an insight into the process and how slowly the wheels of justice move.

I will keep adding to this on a regular basis until I have covered the whole timeline. Please check back and let others know about this, I can’t find any similar blogs that cover this topic, so hopefully it will be interesting and help fill a gap in your curiosity.

Part One – the saga begins

Part Two – the morning after the night before

Part Three – moving things along

Part Four – a day at the magistrates court