I am James, the self proclaimed Tightwad Cyclist.

Whilst I love reading cycling magazines and websites, I realise that a lot of the kit is well out of my price range and feel that I can’t be the only one.

Therefore, I have spent the last few years indulging my hobby on a reasonably tight cycling budget, while I do have the occasional splurge (I recently treated myself to some Garmin Vector 3S pedals) I still ensure that I get items for the best possible price and that is the ethos of the Tightwad Cyclist, getting things for the best price possible, but not just because it is cheap.

While I have done a few cycling challenges, such as Lands End to John O’Groats (no support with a friend) and Koblenz to Norwich, I also try and do a decent number of miles where I can (with two young children and a full time job it can be a bit of a balance) so most of my miles are solo. This year I have three challenges in mind:

  • Complete a Strava Gran Fondo (100k minimum ride) at least once each month (have lucked out by fitting in dates where the weather hasn’t been too bad)
  • Beat last years mileage (current year target is 2,500 miles)
  • Complete a sprint triathlon in July (am currently a below average swimmer and a crap runner, my cycling is probably about average)

This blog is a nice way to share my experiences with the world, no matter how few people are reading. Along the way I will give you some tips to shave a few quid off even the most difficult items to get cheap (you don’t think I paid £500 for the Garmin pedals, do you)?

Please keep checking back and drop me a line on Twitter @tightwadcyclist. The site might have the occasional affiliate link but I will avoid intrusive ads like some blogs. Because, as a notorious tightwad, I got the domain and hosting cheap as chips so don’t have too many costs to cover.